Stockton Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Stockton Golden State Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. It was my fault the accident and injury happened. Will work comp cover my injury?

A. If your injury happened at work or while on assignment for work, your injury should be covered by the workers’ compensation system. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to file a workers compensation claim in Stockton to obtain benefits, don’t hesitate to call a knowledgeable work injury lawyer at Workers Compensation Attorney Stockton. They will quickly determine if you can move forward with the claim process.

Q. Will work penalize me if I file a work comp claim?

A.It’s against the law for an employer to penalize an employee for filing a work comp claim. Employers who fire, harass or penalize an employee for exercising his or her legal rights may be subject to severe legal action.

Q. Is my employer responsible for paying my medical bills?

A. Most employers in the state of California are required to carry insurance. In the event an employee is injured on the job, medical bills are usually paid by:

  • The employer’s insurance carrier
  • The California State Compensation Insurance Fund

If an employer is self-insured, the employer may pay medical bills.

Q. How many different types of benefits are there?

A. If you suffered a work injury or were diagnosed with an occupational illness, you may be able to get benefits for:

  • Medical treatment – doctor visits, surgery, rehabilitation, medicine, medical equipment
  • Temporary disability – weekly payments for a percentage of the wages lost while recovering from a temporary disability
  • Permanent disability – weekly payments for a percentage of the wages lost while suffering from an injury preventing you from returning to work
  • Job retraining vouchers – placement and training in a different profession if the injury does not allow you to return to the same line of work

Family members who have tragically lost a loved one in a workplace accident may be able to get disability benefit for Stockton workers for deceased’s anticipated earnings, funeral costs, and burial expenses.

Q. How do I know what attorney is the right attorney?

A. Choosing the right attorney can be a complicated task, but the Golden State Workers Compensation in Stockton makes the process of selecting an attorney easy. When you call, a helpful member of our staff will put you in touch with a lawyer immediately.

Q. I’d like to talk to an attorney. How much does it cost to sit down with an attorney?

A. All of the ethical work comp attorneys and Stockton independent medical review lawyers at Golden State Workers Compensation in Stockton offer free case consultations. During a consultation, you won’t be pressured to sign any forms and you do not have to hire the Stockton workers compensation attorney you speak to. Contact our group right now by calling 209-451-9371 or send us an email. Unlike many lawyers who require upfront fees, you won’t pay a cent until your case is won.