Disability Benefits

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After suffering an injury or illness on the job, you probably have a lot of questions about how to get help. One of the more frequently asked questions our group, Golden State Workers Compensation in Stockton, gets asked is: “What types of benefits can I get through the work comp system?” It’s a valid question and one that can be answered relatively quickly by a skilled Stockton workers compensation lawyer in our group.

Because no two situations are the same, it’s almost impossible to determine what types of benefits you may be able to collect without consulting legal help. When determining what types of benefits may be available to you, several factors are considered:

  • Severity of injury or illness – did injury cause temporary or permanent damage?
  • Time off work needed – is worker expected to make a full recovery?
  • Ability to perform current job duties – will worker need to be placed in a different job?

Disability Benefits Attorney in Stockton

In the state of California, injured or sick workers may be able to get help for:

  • Medical care – care that is “reasonably required to cure or relieve” injury effects
  • Temporary disability (TD) benefits – payments received for wages lost because of overnight hospitalization or inability to return to work within three days
  • Permanent disability (PD) benefits – payments received for an injury deemed “permanent and stationary” (P&S)
  • Mileage benefits – payments received for mileage costs associated with medical care
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB) – voucher given to help pay for educational retraining or skill enhancement (or both)

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Workers suffering from a head injury, back injury, shoulder injury, stress injury, chemical exposure illness, neck injury, foot injury, elbow injury, or any other type of work-related injury should seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t wait to see if the injury goes away or till symptoms get worse. Please be aware, waiting to seek medical care may affect ability to obtain workers compensation in Stockton benefits. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to deny a claim because a worker waited to seek medical care.

After your injury has been treated by a qualified medical professional, contact a dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys like workers compensation attorney in Lodi or Modesto workers comp lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation in Stockton. They will use every resource they have to build a strong case. And, a strong case is the key to getting you fair results for injury damages.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Stockton

How do I select a work comp lawyer? At Golden State Workers Compensation in Stockton, we make the process of selecting a lawyer easy. Based on the circumstances surrounding your case, one of our work injury attorneys will be available to give you a one on one free initial consultation. Our services are free and you won’t have to pay any attorney fees until you get benefits. Call 209-451-9371 now to get a in touch with a top workers’ compensation lawyer in Stockton. Consultations are free!