About Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Stockton

About Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Stockton

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group is a joint marketing program created under California Business & Professions Code § 6155 (h) (1).

The aggressive workers’ compensation attorneys in our group have more than 80 years combined legal experience and have helped clients secure more than one billion in benefits throughout the years.

Anthony Ratto Esq., Thomas Debenedetto, Esq.,  Anthony Oropallo Esq., Brian Mitchell Esq., Peter Hsiao Esq., Ryan Davis Esq.

Work Injury Lawyer in Stockton

Here’s how an experienced work comp lawyer at Workers’ Compensation attorney Group in Stockton can help you:

  • Prepare and submit claim paperwork
  • Handle talks with your employer and their insurance carrier
  • Make sure you get the best medical care available
  • Consult experts in medicine to ensure current and future medical needs are met
  • Prevent a denied, delayed or modified claim outcome
  • Get the highest amount of compensation possible under the law
  • Make informed decisions regarding your health and future

Work Comp Attorneys in Stockton

There’s no need to attempt the workers’ compensation system on your own. In fact, workers who hire quality legal representation recover up to four times more compensation than workers who try to handle the process on their own or with the help of an unqualified lawyer. Give yourself a fighting chance when going up against for profit insurance companies. Look to a dedicated work injury attorney or a Stockton independent medical review lawyer in our group to protect your legal rights by filing a workers comp claim in Stockton.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Stockton

The knowledgeable work comp lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Stockton handle all types of work comp cases, including cases involving death. Family members who have tragically lost a loved one to an occupational illness or in a workplace accident can look to the workers’ compensation system for assistance with funeral bills and burial costs. Family members who were financially dependent (totally or partially) on the deceased may also be able to recover monetary payments (up to $320,000).

Stockton Work Injury Attorney

Unlike many attorneys who treat clients like a number, the caring work comp lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Stockton pride themselves on giving every client the attention and service they deserve.

To learn how a skilled work injury attorney in our group can put their legal knowledge to work for you, call 209-451-9371 as soon as possible. You won’t be charged for the consultation and you won’t have to pay any upfront costs. In fact, you won’t pay a dime until the lawyer we connect you with gets you a satisfactory case result. Act now before strict filing deadlines prevent you from securing much needed disability benefits for Stockton workers.

See our Stockton workers compensation questions, if you have any queries.